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Jonathan Kreidler (me) is a Reno-based boudoir photographer, engagement and elopement photographer, as well as a personal brand photographer and social media marketing coach.

But that's just the headline. There's a lot more.

Boudoir Is For Every Body

I am a supporter of body positivity, sex positivity, and an LGBTQ ally. As a photographer, he loves to give all people an opportunity to reclaim their sexy. Everyone deserves to feel drop-dead gorgeous in their body, because all bodies are beautiful.

Stretch marks? Cellulite? Fat?
You are beautiful and you deserve to feel sexy as hell!

Additionally, one of my absolute favorite things to do is to shoot boudoir in the great outdoors. We live in such an incredibly gorgeous piece of the country and that natural beauty serves to compliment your natural beauty.

Here, they wrote an article about this very thing: Reno News & Review: Flash On

Brand Yourself

I am thrilled to be opening up a new branch of his business to providing a much-needed service to professional small-business people who find themselves with less and less time to create engaging content: Personal Brand Photography.

Personal Brand Photography is a relatively simple concept that has a very broad application. PBP is for people whose face is their brand: Realtors, Artists, Politicians, anyone whose brand is themselves. The general idea is that if you're in this position and you've become too busy to be creating content for social media all the time, then I step in and we have one day a quarter where we shoot 3 months worth of content for you to have on tap and ready to post on social media channels. You at a business meeting, at the park with the kids, at a networking mixer. Whatever you'd normally post, we'll create that for you in one day and you'll have it ready to go.

Love Like Crazy

I absolutely love being able to photograph two people in love, there's just nothing sweeter than that.

Are you newly engaged? Are you wanting to run off to Tahoe to get married on the beach with a close group of friends? That's where I step in. I specialize in being a one-man operation and capturing the most beautiful images of your romantic adventure.

Let's Get Personal

So you want to get to know me better? Ok!

As mentioned above, my name is Jonathan. I am engaged to the love of my life, Madison. We have a ridiculous and lovable kitty named Cordelia, and we live in the Northwest of Reno.

Some of my hobbies include enjoying the heck out of almost every type of music there is, seriously, I listen to everything; playing the Ukulele at a very mediocre level, but I'm working on it, and exploring the natural beauty of Northern Nevada.

All that being said, I'd love to connect with you over a cup of coffee at The Hub, or a signature cocktail at Rum, Sugar, Lime.

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